Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sandeep Gupta Reviews

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I know what you are thinking: “99th percentilers are all special people. But if I am an average student, do I stand a chance?”

My answer is a big YES! Some of the success-stories that we are most proud of are not those of the 99th percentilers but of those who have shown that one can achieve absolutely stellar success with the right guidance and superb effort.   

" The best feedback I have ever received. "

From 330 to 700: Watch the feedback from a student whose previous score was 330. He was an extremely average student and had done his entire schooling in Hindi medium. And he says: "If I can get a 700, even a 'sweeper' can get a 700 with Sandeep." - The best feedback I have ever received.

From 550 to 730 / From 18 to 40 in Verbal:

Meet Charan Mohan who says that he was extremely distraught with a score of 550 when he approached me. He talks about how the methods he learnt were outstanding and the teaching he got was absolutely fantastic. I am sure if he could crack the score that he got, you stand an equally great chance of cracking it. This is another feedback I am extremely proud of. 

 " And the most inspirational story ever "

is that of this boy from Ranchi who, self-admittedly, was living at the bottom of the pyramid. If he can reach MIT-Sloan, YOU sure can. I bet you are better off than this boy in every regard. Watch Pawan at his dream school MIT-Sloan, in front of the world-famous MIT Building. This story can move anyone to believe that when you are powered by your biggest dreams, NOTHING is a limitation.

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