Thursday, 27 April 2017

Top One Percent - Sandeep Gupta - Best/Top GMAT Institute in Bangalore, India

Hi! This is Sandeep Gupta ...AND I am NOT a GMAT Trainer. INSTEAD, I am the only GMAT Trainer in the world for exclusive 99th percentile(=760) scores. So if you genuinely want a lower than 760 scores,please don't contact me. I am not the right training partner for you. 99th percentile(760-800 range) happens to be the highest percentile score on the GMAT. Only one percent people in the world get 99th percentile scores(that's why it is called the 99th percentile). But, in the last five years, 56% of all reported scores by my students have been in the 99th percentile. This means, my students' success-rate is 56 times the average success-rate on the GMAT.

Can YOU get a 99th percentile score? Even if you are at level of 360, you can get score of 760. Your current level doesn't matter. You may be an absolute beginner;there is no problem even if you have forgotten what a prime number is or what a pronoun means. BUT have to be .. HAVE TO BE ...extremely sincere ..AND extremely serious ..about a 99th percentile score. So please bear in mind the you are not the right student for me if :

1. You are lazy
2. You are COMPLACENT["Even if my life is my 'screwed up', I am fine being mediocre, because I am too complacent to change anything."]
3. You don't mind belonging to the BOTTOM 99 Percent.

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#24, 2nd Floor, 5th Cross, 5th Block,Near Canara Bank, Koramangala, Bangalore.
Phone: +91-97395-61394

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